by Clarinda Ng
December 22nd, 2016

David Beckham. Jessica Alba. Leonardo Dicaprio. Jennifer Aniston. Donald Trump.

What do these celebrities have in common with approximately 2.3% of the world population?

They all have obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).

While it involves both obsessions and compulsions, here’s the catch: these traits can actually benefit many at the workplace. As easy as it is to love the fun-atics and the optimists, blending the team with a couple of OCD individuals can strategically help a  team achieve results beyond expectations.

Here are the 5 most common OCD personalities you will encounter at work. Find out how they can help your team deliver work to ‘wow’ clients:

1. Mister Detail-oriented

Mister Detail-oriented


You can count on him to deliver consistent work with his astounding meticulousness, passion and reliability.

He has a keen eye for detail and finishes his tasks ahead of deadlines. In fact, he always has ample time to create multiple drafts and even manages to do rounds of proofreading. He prides himself in being thorough, all while ensuring that efficient and effective communication takes place by sharing clear messages with his colleagues.

2. Miss List-maker

Miss List-maker

You can trust her to execute responsibilities flawlessly, leaving nothing behind on her extraordinary list.

She thrives on the satisfaction of writing to-do lists and relishes checking off the 0.7cm x 0.7cm boxes once the task is done. The list functions as a time management tool which allows her to consolidate, prioritise and tackle the important tasks. She is also the team player who never lets the ball drop.

3. Madam Compulsive (not impulsive)

Madam Compulsive-01

You can be sure that she will iron out any bumps in the process, and within the team itself.

A rational and mature individual, her decisions are well thought through, often concluded after weighing the pros and cons of the situation. As an advocate of engagement, she values discussions and feedback, ensuring that any concerns or misunderstandings are addressed on the spot to keep the team aligned, focused and driven.

4. Mister Perfectionist

Mister Perfectionist

You know that this is the person who can help put together work that will surpass any client’s expectations.

A diligent worker who holds himself to impossibly high standards, he always meets the expectations of others effortlessly with a system that the non-perfectionist would never have thought of. He derives pleasure from investing time and effort into the deliverables on hand and goes the extra mile to to ensure a polished end product before submission.

5. Miss Foresight

Miss Foresight

You can rely on her to anticipate resistance and provide damage control to minimise negative impacts.

Whether it is an unforeseen challenge in planning a media event or a potential crisis in the offing, she possesses the ability to identify both potential hurdles and opportunities. She is also quick to devise back-up plans to ensure that the team does not fall short of client expectations.

While it is easy to label those with OCD as rigid or controlling, knowing how to balance each team member’s strength and weaknesses will help propel the group to greater heights. So, be open to see how a diverse team of personalities can create a holistic and positive work environment. After all, someone has to worry, especially about the details.

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