Our expertise preserves and protects our clients’ valuable reputations

In today’s highly transparent, rapidly moving regulatory social and media environment, traditional issue and crisis management capabilities are insufficient. This always-on era of engagement requires a culture of preparedness.

Our Crisis and Issues Management team helps clients develop a culture of preparedness to effectively manage any situation. Through our corporate communications team, we work with clients to identify potential business and reputation threats early, building strategies, messages and initiatives that minimise short-term impact and quickly re-establish brand reputation. We can provide 24/7 crisis communications support and bring in international expertise from our global network when international reputation control is a client requirement. We also offer crisis and scenario planning to clients, creating real-time scenarios, across all channels, using our proprietary Firebell digital crisis simulator, that bring the tense reality of a crisis situation to the fore.

With experience handling some of the most visible crises of our time, we expertly navigate important communications channels, including traditional as well as digital and social media, to protect corporate brands and their reputation. We also prepare senior executives and other public figures to handle tough questions in high-pressure environments.

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