Mixing theory with practice, we enable you to tell stories that matter

Great communicators have always had one thing in common – the ability to tell stories and engage with an audience in a way and a manner that touches them in both a rational and emotional sense. They also know how to break down barriers and create a bond with their audience.

At Weber Shandwick we offer bespoke tailored training sessions to help spokespeople prepare for a range of media opportunities:

  • Media training: Whether you are launching a new product or service or announcing a major corporate milestone, our support will ensure you have the skills and confidence to handle any media scenario.
  • Speechwriting and editing: Our team has first hand experience of preparing scripts and advising on speaker skills for a vast array of Government spokespersons, and senior business and community leaders.
  • Storytelling & public speaking training: We help you develop and tell your story in impactful and compelling ways; we also know what it takes to become a great public speaker and how to hone your skills to help you engage and inspire your audience to think and do things differently.

Our communications and media training courses are tailored for every organisation, from one-on-one interview coaching for senior spokespeople to group courses. Mixing theory with practice, our sessions are run by former journalists and other expert specialists with relevant experience.

For more information, email us at contactsg@webershandwick.com